Pet Lid Masses Spring, TX

In dogs, eyelid growths can be prevalent. Although they can happen to animals of any age, they commonly manifest in older canines.

Pet Lid Masses

What causes lid masses?

The vast majority of lid masses in dogs and cats are cancerous. Fortunately, in the dog, most lid cancers are benign. However, in cats, the incidence of malignant cancer is far greater. Other causes of lid masses are granulomas, scarring, inflammation, and foreign bodies.

Do lid masses cause problems?

At North Houston Veterinary Ophthalmology, we find that most lid masses are benign tumors in dogs. They can cause problems such as corneal irritation and interfere with blinking. In cats, lid tumors are far more aggressive and can be locally invasive, as well as have a greater potential for metastasis.

What is the treatment for lid masses?

Surgical excision of lid masses is usually curative and aids greatly in the diagnosis. If treated while still in the early stages, the excision of a lid mass requires only primary closure of the resulting defect. If the mass involves more than a third of the lid margin, repair of the resulting lid defect requires rebuilding the lid using various grafting procedures.